Our business practices encourage community engagement and ensure the safety of our workforce and community members. We maintain programs to engage with communities, prevent and respond to incidents and ensure our diverse workforce is competent, safe and free from harassment. Encana operates under rigorous regulatory frameworks, which are designed to ensure worker and public safety. We continue to demonstrate industry-leading safety performance resulting from our proven safety practices. We also partner with others in the industry to help educate the public about the economic benefits of energy development and responsible operations.

  • Safety practices and processes

    Ethos Management System

    Ethos is Encana’s operations management system. Ethos is a structured and documented set of interdependent standards, practices, processes and procedures used at every level of the organization to manage operational, occupational health, personal safety, process safety and environmental risks. It is a framework that clearly states how we conduct our business. Read more about Ethos in our Health & Safety Policy.

    Encana has a streamlined, efficient system for managing incidents, audits, and inspection information. Our Incident Management System (IMS) is used to captures our EH&S incident data, including injuries and illness, motor vehicle, spills, and near misses, for tracking, trending analysis and scorecard/performance management reporting.

    Process safety

    Process safety focuses on the appropriate design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities and processes to ensure the products we produce and manage are contained where they belong. To achieve operational excellence in this realm, we ensure that process safety practices and procedures are integrated into Ethos. By taking these preventative steps, we can advance our overall safety performance, keeping our workforce safe and minimizing the impact to the public and the environment.

    "Our focused operations demand sophisticated planning and logistics that translates into getting the job done safely and efficiently; if a job can’t be done safely, we don’t do it. Our approach both creates value and helps to manage risk."

    Mike McAllister, Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer

    Occupational Health and Safety

    Safety is one of Encana’s foundational values. From the office to the field, we strive to proactively identify and control the risks associated with our operations and ensure that our expectations are clearly communicated and followed by staff and service providers. Ensuring the safety of our staff, service providers and the public is a basic tenet of running our business efficiently.

    Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene are specialized components of safety that focus on managing health hazards found in the workplace. The program is designed to help predict workplace exposures with a goal of preventing them before they happen. Our workers are often members of the community where we operate. Their diligence towards safe work practices translates to a healthier community.

    Driver Safety Program

    As part of our commitment to the safety of our staff and the communities where we operate, Encana has developed a comprehensive Driving Safety Program that utilizes programs and practices, custom oil and gas training with both a behind-the-wheel and classroom component and oversite by a Drive Safe Team. This company-wide group monitors Encana’s driving performance, provides resources and training to employees, identifies risks and emerging issues and develops and implements initiatives as required to improve our driving safety performance. One of the key aspects of the Driver Safety Program is the In-Vehicle Monitoring System, a device installed in Encana fleet vehicles that captures and analyzes driving behaviors such as rapid acceleration, hard braking and speeding to help foster improvement.

    “Our 12-element Driver Safety Program leverages past learnings, sets strong expectations for our drivers and utilizes technology to improve motor vehicle safety. While we have continually improved our driving safety performance for the past seven years, we are committed to making driving even safer.”

    Byron Gale, Vice-President Environment, Health & Ssafety, Regulatory Affairs and Security


    Encana has developed an audit program to ensure that effective environmental, health and safety programs are in place and being utilized to steward operational excellence and performance across Encana’s operating areas. Each year, leaders work with the audit team to develop an audit schedule that outlines the date, time and location of all audits. A quarterly audit progress report is submitted to the Corporate Responsibility Environmental Health & Safety Committee identifying significant audit findings.

    Service provider management

    Encana uses ISNetworld to evaluate service provider safety programs and performance. Through the ISNetworld’s online database, supervisors can verify that all service providers are qualified to work for Encana. Once a service provider has been approved to work for Encana, routine spot checks and inspections will be used to ensure that Encana’s requirements are being met. Service provider Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) audits that include a tabletop review and potential field visit are sometimes used to provide a detailed assessment of the service provider’s performance.

  • Community impact and giving

    Encana makes a significant impact in the communities in which we operate through grants, sponsorships, volunteering and in-kind gifts that align with causes that are meaningful to our business. We recognize that our success depends on the economic, social and environmental health of the communities where we live and work. Supporting employee charitable giving and investing in local communities are two ways that Encana Cares.

    Employee giving

    The Encana Cares online donation tool gives employees the opportunity to contribute to a registered charity of their choice using payroll deduction, PayPal or a credit card, which is then matched by Encana dollar-for-dollar.

    Community Investment

    Community Investment at Encana focuses on strengthening partnerships, creating shared value and making positive impacts to the communities in which we live and operate through grants, sponsorships and in-kind gifts. We support projects that promote environmental stewardship, enhance the skillset of the industry’s next generation and provide sustainable and long-term benefits to our local operating communities.


    In 2017, Encana launched a volunteer program that allows employees to partner with a member of Encana’s leadership team to help the community while growing networks and building relationships. In 2017, Encana employees volunteered nearly 800 hours in the community!

    Read more about our Community Investment programs.

  • Stakeholder and community engagement

    Encana takes pride in our corporate social responsibility initiatives and the impact we can have by working with communities and stakeholder groups. We aim for outcomes where communities benefit both economically and socially from our engagement activities and operations. Through numerous partnerships with non-profit organizations, we’re making a positive impact in the communities in which we operate.

    Promoting education

    Encana supports Canadian Geographic’s Energy IQ program, which was developed in consultation with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and aims to increase energy and geographic literacy in Canada. This program is made up of 10 curriculum-based activities that include information resources on Canada’s energy mix, new technologies and regulatory requirements to expand energy awareness and advance the conversation around energy.

    Supporting communities across our operating areas

    Encana supports the extraordinary people who provide fire protection and emergency response to keep all of us safe. Over the last 10 years, our financial contributions have gone toward purchasing tools and equipment necessary for first responders to keep communities safe.

    Casa de Amigos is a vibrant multicultural neighborhood center located in southeast Midland, Texas. Their programs focus on four main areas: education, social Services, health and wellness and senior programing. Encana’s support has allowed clients to receive services through all four program areas with an emphasis on youth education. Ninety-two students took part in the Summer Literacy Camp which focused on leadership, reading, math and science.  Encana also helped provide snacks, homework assistance and activities to 40 children during the school year, in addition to a new HVAC unit and supplies for the program in 2017.

    Fighting hunger

    Encana is an ongoing partner of local foodbanks in the areas in which we live and work.

    Twelve teams participated in the food drives we hold several times a year to raise food, funds and awareness for local foodbanks in The Race Against Hunger in Canada. In 2017, 2,095 pounds of food was shared with Salvation Army, Network Ministries and St. Marks foodbanks!

    Encana’s support also helps to provide nourishing breakfasts for students and encourages a sense of community for the kids at school. Not going hungry drastically helps with behavior and learning ability. The Breakfast Club of Canada and Food 2 Kids Program are just a couple of the wonderful partnerships Encana participates in.

    Courtesy Matters®

    Encana staff, contractors and service providers have worked with communities over the years to establish expectations and operating practices that are the foundation for Encana’s Courtesy Matters program. This program was established to respond to concerns and minimize the disturbances that are often associated with industry activities. Investment in this program has led to strong, long-standing relationships between Encana and the communities where we are privileged to operate. As our development grows, strong working relationships and consideration for rural lifestyles and values will support the world’s need to gain access to minerals. We are committed to sustainability and long-term development commitments in these vital communities. We offer training to all contractors and full-time employees on the Courtesy Matters program and expectations.

  • Indigenous relations

    Encana works with Indigenous communities in adherence with governing body regulation. We recognize the unique rights of Indigenous peoples and work closely with the Nations to mitigate concerns where rights may be impacted by our activities. In 2017, Encana engaged with nine Indigenous nations in Canada and four in the US. We also partnered with multiple supporting organizations with programs enhancing Indigenous development.

    Encana has an Indigenous relations guideline which outlines our commitment to positive relationships, working with communities to realize benefits through community investment, economic development and early consultation on proposed development where it is directed to do so by its regulatory body. The consultation process addresses concerns with development that may have an impact to aboriginal rights. Encana recognizes the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples as it relates to the interests of Indigenous Nations. A large aspect of Encana’s engagement program includes community investment in programs that enhance community wellness and education.

    Cultural preservation in the communities in which Encana operates is important to community wellness. Encana offers indigenous awareness training to all staff. As part of our community investment program, Encana provides financial support to community pow-wows, cultural camps and other initiatives where appropriate. Read more about our work with Indigenous communities.

    We support programs that increase indigenous participation in post-secondary education and leadership training through our partnerships with the Ch-nook Indigenous Business Education Initiative, Northern Lights College and Grande Prairie Regional College awards.

    Shining a light on BC Indigenous Business Awards

    Encana is proud to recognize outstanding Indigenous business leaders. The BC Indigenous Business Awards focus on the success of Indigenous businesses in BC, small or large, community-owned or joint venture enterprises that focus on community service, arts and humanities.

    This year, Black Diamond Cygnus (West Moberly First Nations) was awarded Industry Business Partnership of the Year. Twin Sisters Native Plants Nursery (Saulteau First Nations & West Moberly First Nations) was awarded Aboriginal Business Partnership of the Year.

    Encana fosters economic growth in Indigenous communities through our engagement with and support for Indigenous businesses, organizations and educational bursaries. Encana is a long-standing supporter of the BC Aboriginal Business Awards and is proud to be a part of empowering outstanding Indigenous business leaders.

  • Our people

    At Encana, we know the success of our company is the result of our people. Therefore, we hire people who pursue innovation and have a passion for continuous improvement. To ensure our people are cared for, we offer comprehensive benefits packages to all colleagues in our US and Canada offices. In addition to a competitive salary package, paid leave and progressive vacation practice, Encana goes above and beyond to provide programs that meet employee expectations.

    Retirement savings

    Our employees participate in a pension plan (Canada) and a 401(k) plan (US) where the company contribution is eight percent of base salary. Employees can further save for their retirement by contributing to an investment plan (CAN) or a 401(k) (US) plan where we match up to five percent of the employee’s contribution.

    Charitable giving matching contributions

    Encana matches donations dollar-for-dollar made by employees to organizations that they are passionate about through the Encana Cares program.

    Employee wellness programs

    Encana’s wellness programs are designed to engage employees to proactively manage their health and wellbeing and empower employees to pursue holistic wellbeing. These programs support a healthy, productive and resilient workforce that drives sustainable workplace performance. Wellness offerings vary in our program globally, and in 2017, US colleague participation reached 88 percent!

    Encana’s wellness programs address physical, emotional and financial health issues: 

    • physical health programs give employees access to resources such as preventative wellness programs, health education, annual health assessments and screenings, as well as medical travel coverage
    • emotional wellness programs offer supportive counseling options and stress management programs
    • financial wellness programs include financial coaching, financial modeling, retirement counseling and financial literacy education opportunities

    Parental leave

    Encana offers protected time off for parental leave to new parents at Encana. Click here to see what it’s like to work at Encana. 

  • Career, learning and development

    At Encana, we aim to build a culture that unlocks resource potential and allows our employees to be successful. Our employees have an opportunity to utilize development initiatives that will guide them and Encana to great results. Our vision is to create a truly great company where quality work is the norm and where great things are accomplished.

    Encana’s approach to learning and development aligns to our business strategy and culture. We focus on developing the leadership, technical and business capabilities that matter most to Encana’s success. The range of development opportunities available to employees emphasizes our commitment to on-the-job development, coaching and mentoring, in addition to formal training.

  • Diversity and inclusion

    “The intent of the Encana Women’s Network is to provide an environment where we have women empowering other women to advance their career development. If we make a true commitment to help women progress through their career objectives in a very deliberate way, it is beneficial for Encana as there is a deeper pool of qualified employees.”

    Renee Zemljak, Executive Vice-President, Midstream, Marketing & Fundamentals

    Encana is committed to providing a respectful, inclusive workplace free from harassment, discrimination, violence and intimidation. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, color, age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws. We apply fair labor practices throughout our operations and adhere to all applicable workplace, employment, privacy and human rights standards, including the principles stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    The Encana Women’s Network (EWN) is an internal group for women who driven to make a difference among each other, Encana and the broader community. The EWN’s mission is to inspire and empower Encana women to reach their full potential by facilitating opportunities to promote professional growth and leadership development. EWN promotes activities furthering career development, mentorship and STEM programs for women. 

  • Political contributions, impact and advocacy

    Encana believes that active and constructive engagement in public policy is an important part of responsible corporate citizenship. We support trade associations, public policy organizations and academic research initiatives to inform public dialogue on issues that impact Encana and the oil and gas industry. Encana also actively engages with elected officials, regulatory agencies, legislative staff, public service and the public. Our goal is to provide our perspective on key issues and to advocate for a reasonable public policy and effective regulatory framework for oil and gas development.

    The laws and regulations governing lobbying and political contributions vary by jurisdiction. Encana is committed to the highest ethical standards in our advocacy efforts and reporting requirements with government. In addition to following the applicable laws and regulations, Encana complies with the company’s Political Activities Policy and Business Code of Conduct.

    The trade associations, public policy organizations and academic research initiatives to which we provided over US$25k in funding to in 2017 are listed below :

    The groups listed are government entities that regulate lobbying and political campaigns. They compile publicly searchable information on lobbying and political contributions.

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    • Canada Federal
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