Social considerations are embedded in our business practices to encourage community engagement and ensure the safety of our workforce and community members. We maintain programs to engage with communities, prevent and respond to incidents, and ensure our diverse workforce is competent, safe, and free from harassment. Encana operates under rigorous regulatory frameworks, which are designed to ensure worker and public safety.

Our operational management system, Ethos, provides company-wide guidance on topics that include occupational health, personal safety, and process safety. From this overarching standard, our teams implement regional practices and procedures that meet the unique needs and regulatory expectations of our operating areas.

  • Community Investment

    Encana continues to invest in communities through grants, sponsorships and in-kind gifts that strengthen partnerships and create shared value. We support projects that promote environmental stewardship, enhance the skills of future industry workers and provide long-term benefits to the communities where we operate.

    Through Encana Cares, our year-round employee directed giving program, we encourage our employees to contribute to the registered charities of their choice, which Encana matches dollar-for-dollar. Since 2010, Encana has raised over $21 million for charities across North America.

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  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement

    Effective community engagement is integral to earning and maintaining public acceptance, which in turn helps us advance our strategy. We place great emphasis on how we engage with communities and stakeholders connected to our operations. Our engagement activities are tailored to local concerns and needs and we intend for communities to benefit both economically and socially from our operations.

    Read more about our work with Indigenous communities and our good neighbor program, Courtesy Matters.

  • Occupational Health

    Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene are specialized components of safety that focus on managing health hazards found in the workplace.

    Our Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene programs focus on the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of workplace health hazards. Utilizing quantitative and qualitative assessment processes, health hazards such as benzene, noise, silica, radiation, heat stress, and bacteria are managed. Awareness training is provided for practices including chemical, biological, and physical health hazards, personal protective equipment, respiratory protection and hearing conservation.

  • Personal Safety

    Safety is a foundational value for Encana. From the office to the field, we strive to proactively identify and control the risks associated with our operations and ensure that our expectations are clearly communicated and followed by staff and service providers. Ensuring the safety of our staff, service providers and the public is a basic tenet of running our business efficiently.

    Our operational management system, Ethos, plays a critical role in enhancing worker safety by providing company-wide guidance on how to manage the risks associated with issues such as energy isolation, explosive atmospheres, confined space entry, driving safety, emergency preparedness, management of change and security.

  • Process Safety

    Process safety focuses on the appropriate design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities or processes to prevent the release of hydrocarbons. Process safety incidents can include fires, explosions and/or spills with the potential for serious consequences resulting in injuries, harm to the environment or property damage.

    Ensuring that process safety practices and procedures are integrated into Ethos (our operational management system), expanding our process safety practices and expectations, and providing appropriate training to our staff are all central to our approach to achieving operational excellence. By taking these preventative steps to ensure the hydrocarbons we produce and materials we manage are contained where they belong, we can advance our overall safety performance, keeping our workforce safe and minimizing the impact to the public and the environment.

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  • Our People

    Encana is committed to providing a respectful, inclusive workplace free from harassment, discrimination, violence and intimidation. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, colour, age, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other characteristic protected by applicable laws.

    We apply fair labour practices and abide by all applicable workplace, employment, privacy and human rights legislation including support of the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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