"We believe strong environmental, social and governance performance contributes to increased efficiency, higher economic performance and overall value creation for stakeholders."

Doug Suttles, president and chief executive officer

Our corporate strategy is inherently sustainable. Innovation and efficiency drive our financial, environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. We are a leading North American energy producer focused on growing a strong multi basin portfolio of leading resource plays producing natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids. Our strategy is built on the knowledge that strong environmental, social and governance performance directly contributes to increased efficiency, higher economic performance and value creation for our shareholders. By partnering with employees, community partners and other organizations, Encana contributes to the strength and sustainability of the communities in which we operate.

2017 Highlights

  • Where we operate
  • Values


    We are one team without borders. We are unified, selfless company players moving together in the same direction and without personal agendas.


    We are nimble, flexible and responsive. We believe in open dialog, empowerment and quick decision making without bureaucracy. We are ready to go.


    We are focused, bold and determined. Never complacent, we are motivated with a passion to succeed. Our standards are high and our commitment to excellence is unwavering.


    We believe that occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable and strive for a workplace free of recognized hazards; if we can’t do it safely, we will not do it at all.


    We are truthful, deliver on our promises and uphold our commitments.


    We act ethically and honestly, treating all with dignity, fairness and respect, honoring our fiscal, environmental and social responsibilities.


    We show respect for the people, culture, laws and traditions of the regions where we live and work.

  • Priorities

    We complete an annual priority assessment to identify ESG risks which could impact our corporate strategy. We use third-party research, stakeholder consultation and our own proprietary assessment to analyze all ESG risks against two criteria: importance to stakeholders and impact to strategy. In this report, we will discuss four of our top priorities from our 2017 assessment. The results of this exercise are communicated to the executive team and the Board.

    Water use

    We continue to reduce our reliance on fresh water by increasing the number and capacity of our efficient water resource hubs.

    Process safety

    Each year our goal is to have the safest year ever. Our process safety program focuses on preventing incidents, keeping our people safe and minimizing potential impact to our neighbors and the environment.

    Climate change

    We recognize the world continues to balance climate change with the critical need to provide affordable, reliable energy. We are focused on minimizing the impact of our operations as we deliver some of the energy that contributes to our society’s health, quality of life and prosperity.

    Community concerns

    Effective community engagement is integral to earning and maintaining public acceptance, which in turn helps us advance our strategy.

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