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Process safety a part of Encana's Ethos

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Energy is the foundation of modern life. From the cars and planes that transport us and the computers, smart phones and electronic devices we rely on, to heating and cooling our homes and offices and powering life-saving equipment in hospitals. Everything we rely upon in our lives demands energy.

As the global population rises, so too does demand for energy. The International Energy Agency (IEA) noted in 2016 that fossil fuels, particularly oil and natural gas will continue to be the bedrock of the global energy system for decades to come.

Encana produces some of the oil and gas the world relies on. Our goal is to do this in a safe, ethical and socially responsible way while minimizing our environmental impact. These considerations are integral to our strategy and are embedded throughout our planning, decision-making and operational processes.

Our track record of innovation strongly underpins these goals as it drives continuous efficiency and sustainability across our business. While we are proud of our accomplishments, we continually strive to better our performance and adhere to strong policies and practices which you can learn about here.

  • Environment

    We develop and maintain programs to manage air emissions, prevent and respond to spills, minimize habitat disturbance, and protect water across diverse ecosystems and regulatory jurisdictions. We operate under rigorous regulatory frameworks, which are becoming more stringent across our business. More about Environment

  • Social

    We continue to demonstrate industry-leading personal safety performance resulting from our proven safety practices. We work with stakeholders near our operations to address concerns and create value by employing local workers, using local suppliers and investing in our operating communities. More about Social

  • Governance

    Governance plays a critical role in our culture and our ability to execute on our business strategy. Strong corporate governance promotes accountability and transparency throughout the company. More about Governance

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