Supporting energy research in the Bay of Fundy

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Encana is helping the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) in its important and innovative tidal energy project in the Bay of Fundy.

Photos courtesy of the Province of Nova Scotia


Developing tidal energy in the powerful waters of Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy requires innovative thinking, creative partnerships and cutting edge research and development.

As part of our commitment to Nova Scotia, where Encana is the owner and operator of the Deep Panuke offshore natural gas project, we are pleased to partner with the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) to support a research monitoring platform for tidal energy in the province.

Encana is directing $3 million in funding to the platform by converting a zero interest loan from our Environmental Innovation Fund to a grant.

The new platform will contribute to better understanding of the tides in the Bay of Fundy, which has been earmarked as a testing site for electricity generating underwater turbines.

Bay of Fundy tides are the highest in the world. The underwater platform will be the world's first deployed in extreme, high flow conditions like those in the Bay of Fundy. Good resource information translates into good turbine design - the platform will collect continuous data on the tides and surrounding environment and relay that information to the nearby tidal observation facility on the outskirts of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.

Other partners in the exciting research include Natural Resources Canada, Ocean Networks Canada and the turbine developers who are working to harness the power of the tides.

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