Freshwater conserved in Montney

Oil and gas development requires a complex supply chain to get the job done.

Encana’s Montney Water Resource Hub draws water unfit for human or agricultural use from a subsurface aquifer.


Encana has marked a major milestone with the full operation of the Water Resource Hub in our Montney growth asset in northern British Columbia. The hub secures our long-term water requirements in a large portion of the Montney while demonstrating our strong commitment to responsible development.

The hub will significantly reduce fresh water use in our hydraulic fracturing operations near Dawson Creek by accessing saline water unfit for human or agricultural use from a subsurface aquifer. In fact, by tapping into this otherwise unusable source, this centralized hub facility should meet up to 75 percent of our water requirements and result in the conservation of about 2.6 million cubic metres of freshwater over the next five years.

Fed by up to 20 source wells, the hub will have a positive community impact beyond reducing our operational dependence on surface water. Transport of the water via pipeline will significantly reduce water hauling truck traffic, thereby cutting down on emissions, dust, noise and wear and tear on rural roads in and around Dawson Creek.

Water Resource Hub by the numbers:

  • expected to meet up to 75 percent of our water needs in the Dawson Creek area
  • an estimated 2.6 million cubic metres of fresh water conserved over five years
  • 160,000 less water hauling truck trips over five years

We recognize that water is an important natural resource. The hub functions as a recycle and reuse loop by blending water returned from hydraulic fracturing with the saline water, helping us manage this resource.

Learn more about Encana’s water use in hydraulic fracturing.

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