Shipping supplies to Deep Panuke

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This series of 6 photographs show how supplies are delivered to and from our offshore project in the waters off of Nova Scotia.


Keeping an offshore platform supplied is a large and ongoing endeavor. On a weekly basis about 150,000 pounds of goods and materials are sent by supply vessel to the offshore production field centre (PFC) at Deep Panuke located about 250 kilometres (155 miles) southeast of Halifax.

Prior to being loaded onto an offshore vessel in Dartmouth (Photo 1 in the slide show above with the Halifax Skyline visible in the background) all the materials –which can include food, necessary supplies and operational spares - are organized and loaded into the containers at the onshore yard (Photo 2). Flatbed trucks then deliver the containers quayside for loading to the supply vessel
(Photo 3).

On the vessel, the cargo is balanced to distribute the weight (Photo 4) and the containers are each secured in place with heavy chains (Photo 5). It’s about a 14-hour one-way trip from the supply base to the PFC.

Once the ship arrives at the PFC the new deliveries are unloaded and containers filled with materials that need to return to shore are loaded for the trip back to Dartmouth (Photo 6).

Two offshore supply vessels, the Atlantic Condor and the Atlantic Tern operated by Atlantic Towing can make the weekly run to and from Deep Panuke. The containers are supplied by CTS Container & Trailer Services Ltd. of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

The offshore supply base is operated by Blue Water Agencies.

Learn more about the Deep Panuke project on the Atlantic Canada Community Page.

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