Our water management strategy

In this two-minute video learn about Encana’s water management strategy and how we use and protect this valuable resource.


Water is a critical resource, and is used in all forms of energy development. Encana uses water throughout its operations, including drilling and completing oil and gas wells.

There is no one-size-fits-all water management solution, and in each operating area we work to ensure sound operating practices are in place.

We all need water. We all need energy. It's not a question of one or the other. It's a matter of using both responsibly.

See more about Encana's water management strategy:

Baseline groundwater testing
We are committed to protecting fresh groundwater sources and routinely test domestic water wells in the area of oil and natural gas wells being drilled.

Wellbore construction
During operations, groundwater-bearing rock formations are protected from the contents of the well by layers of steel casing and cement.

Additive selection and disclosure
We have implemented a company-wide Responsible Products Program to manage the chemical products used in hydraulic fracturing.

Flowback fluid reuse, recycling and disposal
Where practical, we reuse flowback water and other unutilized sources of water in our operations. Where we are unable to reuse produced water or flowback fluids, we dispose of these substances in licensed disposal wells.

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