Clearing the air: Tough new air quality regulations in Colorado

A member of Encana’s environmental compliance team utilizes an infrared camera to inspect production facilities for any potential leaks.


The Encana led effort brought Noble Energy, Anadarko, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), and the State of Colorado together to develop air quality regulations aimed at significantly reducing air emissions associated with oil and gas operations.

The new rules, commonly known as Air Regulation 7, will soon be implemented under a new decision by the Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC), an independent nine-member board appointed by the Governor of Colorado that develops air pollution control policy and regulates pollution sources. The rules also establish a new monitoring system for methane leak detection and repairs and also focuses on VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Considered the strongest air quality rules in the nation, they will be enforced on a statewide basis outside the Denver Metro Region.

The Denver Post recognized the collaborative effort to develop the rules as the winner of their Colorado’s top thinkers in Energy of 2013, recognizing Encana and the other collaborators.

Encana is proud of taking a lead role in developing proactive solutions that improve environmental performance and increase public and stakeholder confidence in our activities; key aspects of maintaining our social license to operate.

The new rules also contribute to regulatory certainty for Encana’s Colorado operations, which assists with our planning and investment in oil and gas operations in the state.

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