Techsploration: empowering young women in science, trades and technology

This Halifax-based program is encouraging young women to pursue careers in a number of technical fields.

Hailey Thomas, left, was one of six junior high school students accompanied by Christina Clarke, right, on a tour of the offshore supply base that supports the Deep Panuke project.


It's no secret women are vastly under-represented in careers in the sciences, trades and technology. But a Halifax-based program called Techsploration, is looking to change that.

Encana has long supported this joint initiative of the Nova Scotia Community College, the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education Apprenticeship Training Division and Women in Trades and Technology Nova Scotia. Techsploration encourages female students in Grades 9 to 12 to explore careers in sciences, trades and technology. In addition to showcasing potential careers, the program stresses the importance of high-school math as a strong foundation for work in many technical fields.

Christina Clarke, a development engineer on our Deep Panuke Project and a Techsploration mentor, took six students from Prince Arthur Junior High School in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – a school she herself attended – on a tour of the offshore supply base that supports the Deep Panuke project in Nova Scotia.

"It's a great way to expose young women to careers they might not have considered otherwise. It wasn't until after my first year of university that I even considered engineering, and I think that's simply because I didn't know enough about it," said Clarke. "My hope is that making students aware of different options will help them with career decisions later on."

We stepped up our support of Techsploration by funding the development of the Women in Action web video series. These testimonial videos feature women in non-traditional careers relevant to the oil and gas industry, from power engineering to pipefitting.

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