Science meets art at Beakerhead

Encanapulters team members prepare their catapult for launch at a Beakerhead event in Calgary.


What happens when you mash together science and art, throw in some friendly competition and open the floor to the public? You get Beakerhead, the annual Calgary festival.

Over a week full of activities and public events, Beakerhead breaks ground each year challenging Calgarians to consider science in their everyday life through the lens of art and culture.

This year, Encana was proud to support a six-member Beakerhead team drawn from members of our New Grad Society. The team, called the “Encanapulters”, worked together to engineer a catapult at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary. Competing against 11 other teams, the team was judged in categories such as catapult design, target accuracy, cleverness and team spirit. The team enthusiastically rose to the challenge with the theme “Releasing our energy potential!”

Andrea Lamond, Production Engineer at Encana and a team participant, shared these thoughts on the Beakerhead experience: “I got to try something that I would have never tried on my own, and I learned a lot from my teammates. We all contributed something and put in a lot of hours on this project and everyone seemed to be willing to go that extra mile. We all had a lot of fun on the competition day and it was really great to see all the other teams and their catapults. It was exciting to be a part of it all.”

Encana’s New Grad Society was developed to meet the needs of all New Grads working with Encana. The society fosters growth and development through technical training, lecture series and networking opportunities in both professional and social settings. Participating at Beakerhead aligned with the Society’s goals.

During Beakerhead, thousands of Calgarians explore new ways of experiencing art and science, and consider the interconnections and synergies.

Encana supports participation in events like Beakerhead that contribute to the communities where we live and work.

To learn more about being a New Grad at Encana, visit Students and new grads.

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