Encana staff perform double-duty at two community cleanups

Encana staff do double duty at two community cleanups

Construction coordinator Brent Bjork was just one of the 30 Encana employees and service providers who took part in a community clean up.


Encana employees recently participated in a roadside cleanup in the Grande Prairie area covering about 20 miles (22km) of ditches.

Donald Rowan, Community Relations Advisor with Encana, coordinated the cleanup which involved 30 staff and service providers.

"During the winter I was seeing a lot of garbage as the roads were being plowed,” said Donald. “I told the development team that a cleanup was something we needed to do once the snow melted and we were lucky that a few companies agreed to help."

Garbage collected included food wrappers, coffee cups and drink containers. Some of the larger items found were tires, wood pallets and chunks of wood. Due to the high level of our activity in the area, Encana plans to help with a cleanup every spring.

This was not the only cleanup Encana recently participated in; staff also assisted with the Sustainable Resource Development (SRD) cleanup in the Dunes area south of Grande Prairie.

More than 120 volunteers were on hand for the SRD cleanup, with a number of companies loaning equipment to remove the larger pieces of junk, such as car bodies. Almost 25 tonnes of junk was removed this year, 10 tonnes more than last year.

Encana is focused on being a good neighbour in the areas where we operate. Community cleanups foster the spirit of the courteous conduct we expect as part of our Courtesy Matters program.

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