Encana sponsors the Calgary Fire Department's new canine recruit

For the next five years Encana will proudly support Honey, who alongside her human partner Brad McDonald, will be a valuable resource in fire scene investigations.


Encana and the Calgary Fire Department were delighted to introduce the community to a Honey of a fire investigator at a media event Monday June 4, 2012.

Honey, a black Labrador retriever, has been trained to detect minute traces of accelerants that may have been used to start a fire and will work alongside her human partner, Calgary Fire Investigator Brad McDonald.

With 168 fires in Calgary caused by arson over the last three years, Honey will be a valuable resource for the department. Accelerant detection canines are able to discriminate between liquid accelerants and the chemical gasses at a fire scene with greater accuracy than electronic devices: the dogs have the ability to smell in parts per quintillion, while electronic devices detect at parts per million.

Encana provided the Calgary Fire Department with the support needed to successfully apply for a State Farm-funded program provided by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and will sponsor Honey’s care, feeding, ongoing training and certification for the next five years.

Encana has also provided the use of a 2011 Ford F-150 bi-fuel (natural gas and gasoline) truck and all the natural gas fuel it requires for the duration of our sponsorship.

Honey is the fifth accelerant detection canine in Canada.

“Honey has a great temperament that makes her well suited to the job,” said Deputy Chief of Community Standards Brad Lorne. “At every scene, she’s focused and ready to work, and most importantly, precise in finding the presence and exact location of an accelerant. She’s a great asset to fire investigations and prevention, and I look forward to seeing the success she’ll bring to the Calgary Fire Department.”

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