Colorado office receives Energy Star certification

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A number of energy conservation techniques have been used in the design of Encana’s Parachute Colorado office, including its orientation to the sun.


Encana is committed to the responsible development of energy resources across our operations. At our Piceance base asset in Colorado, Encana has been recognized for embracing this commitment in the offices where we work.

Encana’s office in Parachute, Colorado recently received Energy Star certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Parachute office is the second Encana location to receive the Energy Star certification. The first location was our Front Range- DJ Basin office in Colorado.

“Encana had the opportunity to help design a brand new building, and we were able to design it with energy efficiency in mind,” says Eric Olsen, Manager, Facilities & Office Services at Encana’s Denver location. “We focused on maximizing the efficient usage of the building’s square footage while installing simple equipment that could be maintained at peak performance levels.”

The building’s orientation on the site was modeled and aligned to maximize the use of natural light for the interior, and rooms were designed to be made multi-functional to reduce the required square footage.

To reduce energy consumption, the building uses daylight sensors in open areas to automatically turn off lights when adequate natural light is present. The building is also equipped with carbon dioxide sensors, and additional sensors will turn off heating and cooling systems in unoccupied areas. As well, a black roof was installed to take advantage of the heating effect of the sun.

Encana and Davis Partnership Architects contributed to the design-build for the Parachute office. Then Encana enrolled in Xcel Energy’s Design Assistance program, which evaluates and recommends measures for reducing energy consumption. Once the building’s energy consumption had been monitored for one year and adjustments were made to the heating and cooling systems to improve efficiency, Encana applied for the Energy Star certification.

Energy Star Certification compares a building’s energy performance with its peer buildings across the United States.

The Parachute location received a score of 86 in the Energy Star certification, which means that the building uses energy more efficiently than 86% of its peers.

“As each month passes, our Energy Star score can improve,“ says Olsen. “We are aiming to have the Parachute location in the top 10% of Energy Star certified buildings in the United States.”

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