EnCana's AEC Ecuador Ltd. honored with Ecuador's "Ministry of Environment Award"

October 3, 2002 - Ecuador - The Ecuador Ministry of Environment bestowed upon EnCana Corporation's AEC Ecuador Ltd. the "Ministry of Environment Award," the highest honor given by that Secretariat of State.

The Award recognizes people, private or public institutions that have contributed substantially to the protection and improvement of the environment at a national level. AEC Ecuador representatives John Keplinger, acting general manager and Fernando Benalcàzar, environmental manager received the award from the Ecuador Minister of Environment Lourdes Luque de Jaramillo. The award was affixed to an AEC Ecuador flag.

John Keplinger and Fernando Benalcázar, AEC Ecuador Ltd.

Lourdes Luque de Jaramillo, Ecuador Minister of Environment

The presentation took place during the celebration of the Sixth Anniversary of the creation of the Ministry of Environment. The First Lady of the Nation, Mrs. Maria Isabel de Noboa, other public officials and special guests were also present.

Receipt of this award reaffirms AEC Ecuador's conviction, unremitting commitment and absolute respect for the protection and improvement of the environment at a national level.

AEC Ecuador is the largest private sector petroleum producer in Ecuador and the only company in that field to be officially recognized for the support provided in the protection and improvement of the environment at a national level. The recognition was based on a number of company programs, including:

  • AEC Ecuador's contribution to solving the crisis of the Jessica vessel in the Galapagos Islands by bringing the environmental expert, Ron Goodman, from Canada. Mr. Goodman provided advice to the authorities to effectively control that incident. The Ministry of Environment gave the company a special mention at the Galapagos Summit.

  • The company, following acquisition of the Ecuador investments, upgraded the previously inadequate operations to environmental and operating standards that would be equal to those in Canada. This included biological remediation of soils.

  • The successful reforestation of a nearly extinct variety of mahogany trees in the Cuyabena area starting with six plants to create plantations of more than 18 thousand trees.

  • The Ministry acknowledged the work of AEC Ecuador and the National Institute of Cultural Patrimony, for preserving several archeological finds in the Lago Agrio, Tarapoa and La Blanca areas in the Ecuadorian Northeast.

  • The company supported studies of threatened species such as the Harpy Eagle, in the Cuyabeno Reserve of Fauna Production, and promoted bio-diversity, as expressed in the publication Among the Lakes, Flora and Fauna of Cuyabeno, a text that amply displays the rich bio-diversity of Ecuador.

The Environment, Health and Safety team deserves recognition for their dedication in achieving this great honor. To all of the team, hold high this honored flag with deep pride and affection. And thank you to the people of AEC Ecuador who made this flag, to which the Ministry of Environment Award was affixed, with their own hands.

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