Canadian Centre for Energy Information gets $4 million boost from EnCana Corporation

UPDATE (April 16, 2003) - The Canadian Centre for Energy Information's web site has been launched. The Canadian Centre for Energy Information is committed to becoming THE credible and convenient source of comprehensive information about all industries of the Canadian energy sector.

CALGARY, Alberta (April 23, 2002) - Canada’s largest oil and gas company, EnCana Corporation, today announced contributions of cash and in-kind gifts totaling more than $4 million in support of industry’s recently announced continental educational initiative, the Canadian Centre for Energy Information.

EnCana President and CEO Gwyn Morgan said the arms-length information centre will serve the entire educational and public information spectrum and promote understanding of the pivotal role that the industry plays in Canadian and North American societies.

The $4 million support includes $2.5 million as a direct financial grant from EnCana, and in-kind donation of office and display space with a public amphitheatre in Palliser Square / Tower Centre that will house an interpretive centre and national hall of fame, celebrating the passion and the vision of Canada’s energy pioneers and their contribution to the country’s growth and prosperity.

The CCEI also received Tuesday another $500,000 from RBC Capital Markets, Merrill Lynch, CIBC World Markets and Credit Suisse First Boston --- the four financial advisors involved in the recent creation of EnCana through the merger of PanCanadian Energy and Alberta Energy Company. This gift, earmarked for the educational programs intended through the Centre, will form a lasting legacy to their involvement in the creation of EnCana Corporation.

“The mandate of the Canadian Centre for Energy Information will be to meaningfully and effectively communicate the facts about Canada’s largest resource industry. There have been good efforts by a number of groups to develop quality, balanced information and educational materials. What has been lacking is a common thrust and centralized support that would give these diverse products the economic and creative boost needed to convey the messages that need to be heard across our continent,” said Mr. Morgan. He called on the rest of the Canadian oilpatch, including large and small producers, pipelines, and service and drilling companies to join in supporting this Centre.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and the Small Explorers and Producers of Canada (SEPAC) announced their intention to create the Centre last week at CAPP’s 10th anniversary celebratory dinner. The Centre quickly received endorsement from Premiers Ralph Klein of Alberta and Gordon Campbell of British Columbia.

The CCEI is intended to be national in scope, North American in outlook, comprehensive in coverage and relevant in approach. Cost effectiveness will be gained through online, web-based operation and product delivery.

The CCEI has four key objectives:

  1. Offer public information and disseminate industry facts in a timely, accurate and web-supported manner;
  2. Bring awareness of the Canadian industry to U.S. audiences, thereby increasing the understanding of the emerging continental energy market;
  3. Provide balanced curriculum support to schools and educators through a web-based, interpretive learning environment that challenges students academically, broadens their understanding of the role energy plays in their lives and in their communities, and reinforces their research and critical thinking skills as they learn about a vital economic sector; and
  4. Develop a Canadian energy legacy centre that celebrates the passion and vision of Canada’s energy pioneers and their contribution to our country’s growth and prosperity.

This EnCana contribution follows on the heels of the new company’s major financial support for addressing other education-related issues such as promoting the value and delivery of technical and trades training and enhancing fundamental education skillsets among high school students.

"Education and capacity building must be the principle cornerstones of our Community Investment programs, focussed on domestic and international communities where EnCana operates," said Mr. Morgan.


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