Recruiting school graduates to shift into high gear

CALGARY, Alberta (April 22, 2002) - EnCana Corporation and three Canadian technical institutes will initiate a joint high school recruitment campaign that is designed to help meet the growing career opportunities in the Canadian oil and gas industry.

The three educational institutions are SAIT, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

EnCana President and Chief Executive Officer Gwyn Morgan said today a half-million dollar communications campaign will be developed to directly target the high school students with a simple message:

"A technical education offers respected and important career opportunities which are in higher demand and more rewarding than some types of university degrees," said Mr. Morgan.

"As an industry faced with both the challenges and the opportunities of meeting the world's growing energy needs, we are facing shortages of technically qualified, talented and creative people who can enter the workforce with the educational credentials needed to fill our industry's most critical shortages," said Mr. Morgan.

"Our industry badly needs more people who are excited about careers that include technical qualifications enabling them to operate a gas plant, run an oil battery, manage a pipeline or troubleshoot computerized control systems. I believe it is incumbent upon industry to take some initiatives to help resolve these future shortages," said Mr. Morgan.

He praised the government-industry initiative to establish and award 165 annual student bursaries of $1,000 recently announced by Alberta's Minister of Learning, the Honourable Lyle Oberg, and also the growing community-based job awareness program Careers, the Next Generation. The $500,000 direct-hit communication campaign will be part of EnCana's $2 million-plus commitment toward education through SAIT, NAIT and BCIT.

Part of that educational support includes specific initiatives with the technical institutes. He said EnCana has also teamed up with SAIT to establish the EnCana Centre for Networked Learning. More than 300 industry-related distance learning modules will be updated. It will also enable a platform that supports online registration, tutorial support and online testing for other courses without physically being present on the SAIT campus. This will also enable SAIT to develop the ability to deliver other courses in a similar fashion.

EnCana and NAIT have teamed up to establish the EnCana Teaching and Learning Centres to help freshmen students upgrade basic educational skillsets. EnCana and BCIT are examining additional ways to deliver BCIT's technical programs to resource-based communities in British Columbia.

"Education is one issue that we feel merits a lot more 'attentive focus' from industry. Our young people must fully appreciate the breadth and scope of job opportunities and what it will take to capture those opportunities," said Mr. Morgan, noting that education will be a cornerstone of EnCana's Community Investment programs, with a focus on the worldwide communities where EnCana operates.


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