EnCana Corporation and Alberta 4-H announce new partnership

CALGARY, Alberta (February 2, 2006) - EnCana Corporation announced it has committed $360,000 ($120,000 per year) to Alberta 4-H for the next three years.

The funds will be used to support a number of 4-H programs in Alberta as well as supporting an innovative new funding model to help local clubs at the grassroots level.

"EnCana is focused on contributing to the strength and sustainability of the communities in which we are privileged to operate," said Mary Ann Steen, manager of community investment in announcing EnCana's commitment to Alberta 4-H. "We are delighted to work in partnership with Alberta 4-H to develop youth as self-reliant, contributing individuals with marketable skills to succeed in today's society.

EnCana has been a long time supporter of Alberta 4-H. In 2003, EnCana hosted barbecues to support Canada's beef industry shortly after the BSE crisis was announced. In total over 8,000 people enjoyed the barbecues across Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia and EnCana paid out over $100,000 to the 31 4-H clubs that participated in holding the events.

In 2004 and 2005, EnCana continued to show its support for 4-H and rural communities by sponsoring events, endowing a scholarship, and creating a three-way partnership between EnCana, the World Professional Chuckwagon Association (WPCA) and Alberta 4 H. EnCana contributed more than $40,000 in direct cash support to Alberta 4-H and provided funding and a hands-on learning experience for seven local clubs at EnCana-hosted community events.

For the next three years, EnCana's support will continue to focus on providing support to grassroots levels and be directed towards:

  1. Personal development programs such as the Alberta 4-H Leaders Conference, Senior Members Conference, and Club Week.
  2. The EnCana 4-H Community Builder Program, in which clubs, districts and regions can apply for grants to be used towards fun days, community charitable events, promotion, project workshops or personal development programs.
  3. The WPCA Benevolent Trailer, in which 4-H clubs can operate as a fundraiser.
  4. Seven annual bursaries dedicated to 4-H members pursuing post-secondary education at Olds College in Land Sciences.

"EnCana continues to expand our existing relationship by providing new and innovative opportunities for 4-H members and volunteers," says Bruce Banks, CEO of the 4-H Foundation of Alberta. "We are proud to form a partnership with EnCana, as they truly demonstrate a commitment to the values of Alberta 4-H."

4-H has one of the highest approval ratings from youth of any youth program available, with more than 95 percent of members who attend 4-H programs reporting increases in their skills and abilities while having fun. It is the largest rural youth program in the province, with over 7,500 members and 2,600 volunteer leaders, representing 70 percent of Alberta communities.

With an enterprise value of approximately US$47 billion, EnCana is one of North America's leading natural gas producers, and is among the largest holders of gas and oil resource lands onshore North America. By partnering with employees, community organizations and other businesses, EnCana contributes to the strength and sustainability of the communities in which they operate.

For more information, please contact:

Mary Ann Steen
Manager, Community Investment
(403) 645-4700

Alberta 4-H
Bruce Banks
4-H Foundation of Alberta
(780) 682-2153

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