Saving water, dollars in the Permian

Innovation means efficiency, sustainability

Encana began operating three, large Water Resource Hubs (WRH) in the Permian’s Martin County this summer, reducing its costs and the need for fresh water.

Why it Matters: As Encana’s production grows in Martin County, these centralized facilities ensure that its consumption of fresh water does not.

In addition, they save up to $300,000 per well in capital and up to $0.80/Bbl for Lease Operating Expenses. It’s a fit for purpose design, just-in-time fracking system that’s based on the company’s long-term operating plan for the county.

Water handling approach delivers savings, enhances sustainability

What’s Unique: Believing chemicals are needed to remove performance-eroding impurities, other operators have relied heavily on treating produced water. However, by using an innovative but simple mechanical separation system, Encana continues to deliver leading performance.

How It Works: The system consists of three 30-acre sites, each with two ponds to hold recycled water, fresh water and a tank battery. An underground pipeline system connects the three hubs and includes lines for produced, recycled and fresh water. At the hub, the fresh water goes directly to a storage pond. Produced water is processed through the tank battery, with hydrocarbons separated out and removed. This water is then sent to a catch basin where any remaining hydrocarbon is skimmed off, prior to transfer into a recycled water pond. The recycled and fresh water are sent by a temporary pipeline to the designated frack site.

Why it Works: The hubs are strategically placed within a two-mile radius of Encana’s drilling locations. Contiguous acreage with a single surface owner provides the right-of-way to develop a field-wide water handling system. The landowner partnered with Encana on this concept and was very supportive of the company’s proactive focus on recycling water.

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