Encana's Multi-Basin Advantage

Encana’s world class portfolio, in the core of four of North America’s best basins, provides a powerful competitive advantage.

Why it Matters: Encana’s multi-basin portfolio accelerates innovation across the company. Insights and technological advances are shared across assets in real time; driving well performance and efficiencies. The multi-basin portfolio also provides optionality and flexibility to invest in the highest-margin, most capital efficient projects and mitigate against risks that may affect long or short-term economics in a specific play.

The Proof: Sharing and transferring technology creates value. An advanced completions design piloted in the Eagle Ford was tested in the Montney, and three months later, well productivity was up 50 to 60 percent in both the areas where it was used. Within six months the design was being applied across the company’s core assets.

"Having four core positions gives us a tremendous advantage when it comes to staying at the cutting edge of technology. It gives us enormous flexibility with our capital, our ideas and our people. Our portfolio gives us the ability to leverage the supply chain across multiple basins and manage risk," said Encana President & CEO Doug Suttles.

Financial benefits: This year Encana has fully offset inflation with efficiency improvements and effective supply chain management across its multi-basin portfolio. The company is on track to deliver flat like-for-like well costs versus 2016. This performance is a result of the seamless linkage between the company’s supply chain and operations teams.

The best rocks: Encana has an inventory of more than 11,000 premium return well locations. This provides the foundation of the company’s growth potential and our large, contiguous acreage positions allow us to develop efficiently at scale. The company’s premium locations are expected to generate a greater than 35% after tax rate of return at the field level and deliver quality corporate returns.

Since October 2016, Encana’s focus on innovation to drive completion design and execution at industrial scale has led to the conversion of about 1,800 locations into premium return locations and replaced all the 200-plus wells drilled in the meantime. For every well Encana expects to drill in 2017, it has added six premium locations to its inventory.

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