More about the Montney

Our Montney growth asset stretches from northwest Alberta to northeast British Columbia. In the Peace region of northeast BC, we operate facilities near Dawson Creek, Farmington, Tomslake and Pouce Coupe. We have been active in the Dawson Creek area since the 1990s. Grande Prairie, Alberta is located near what we call the Peace River Arch, an emerging resource play in northwest Alberta that focuses on the continued development of the Montney formation.

In the Dawson Creek area, our footprint is getting smaller on the land thanks to ongoing technical innovation in drilling and completions.

We continue to extend the horizontal length of our wells underground, enabling access to more of the natural gas and liquids in the Montney formation from a single well. It means we can drill fewer wells which results in less surface disturbance while producing the same or more volume of natural gas and liquids.

Encana and its partner (a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation) are developing the Montney under the Cutbank Ridge Partnership where Encana is the operator on behalf of the partnership.

Montney wells are a mix of natural gas and high-value natural gas liquids such as propane, butane and condensate.

The wells are deep underground, at depths from 2.5 to three kilometres. That’s like stacking fifteen Calgary Towers end-to-end. The wells extend horizontally from 2.5 to four kilometres.

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