Pipeline installation in Nova Scotia: Crossing Betty's Cove Brook

Marielle Thillet, environment advisor for Deep Panuke, at Betty’s Cove Brook pipeline crossing in June 2013.

Installing the Deep Panuke pipeline at Betty’s Cove Brook. View the next photo to see the same area after installation.

The same area following pipeline installation and restoration of the habitat.

As part of the environmental assessment for Deep Panuke, Encana committed to a fish salvage program at Betty’s Cove Brook during pipeline construction. Brook trout were identified as a valued species for the region, and the brook provides habitat for these fish.

A 10 metre buffer was left on each side of the brook until the very last moment to minimize disturbance to the habitat. Fish and eels were caught safely and re-located downstream without injury. The stream was temporarily diverted so that it was crossed in the "dry".

After the pipeline was installed, the trench was backfilled and the stream bed restored with the native material that had been set aside and clean graded rocks were placed to reshape the channel and prevent erosion.

Water flow was restored gradually to minimize sedimentation and the stream was diverted for less than one day. One year later, a survey showed the trout and eels had returned to the brook.

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