Driving Safety

Safety is paramount at Encana and is one of our foundational values.

The number of motor vehicle incidents, including driving-related fatalities, is a pressing safety issue across the oil and gas industry. In an effort to decrease motor vehicle incidents and raise awareness, we have a robust Driving Safety Program focused on safety initiatives related to safe driving.

The Driving Safety Program provides driver training objectives and a website resource for employees. The Program is part of our Safe 360 safety initiative which speaks to our ongoing work towards achieving an injury-free workplace.

At Encana, we prohibit the use of a cell phone (this includes both hand-held and hands-free devices) or any other electronic device while driving either a company vehicle or a personal/rental vehicle on company business. Encana employees are required to avoid distractions, be rested, attentive and drug free while driving to minimize the risk to themselves, other workers and the general public. We require all employees to abide by our Driver Distraction Practice.

Encana has improved and strengthened the Driving Safety Program by learning from prior incidents and adopting new features such as mandatory annual Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) checks, vision screening or health assessments for fleet drivers and enhancements to In-Vehicle-Monitoring Systems (IVMS) that automatically track vehicle speed and braking patterns.

Although, Encana’s Driving Safety Program is designed for company-related driving, many of the elements and features apply to driving which takes place outside of work hours. We encourage our employees and contractors to adopt the Driving Safety Program whenever they are behind the wheel of a vehicle. We all have a responsibility to our families and friends to drive with care and return home safe.

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