Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Some of the products that Encana produces or utilizes in our operations may be classified as “Dangerous Goods” for purposes of transportation. Trucking these products requires adherence to Transport Canada’s regulations for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG). Transporting dangerous goods requires Encana, the consignor, to communicate certain information to our carriers. This website is intended for the communication of permits, Encana resources and providing updates for service providers hauling our products.

Permits for Equivalent Level of Safety


  • SH 5561 (Ren. 11) To haul mixed oilfield waste in vac trucks
  • SH 5567 (Ren. 9) To haul a dirty tank instead of cleaning it on site
  • SU 12999 Fully contained transport units (i.e. housing)


  • TDG #2019-1423 (Expires Aug 31, 2021) To haul waste bins with filters containing hydrocarbons
  • TDG #2019-2057 (Expires Aug 31, 2021) To haul mixed oilfield waste in vac trucks
  • TDG #2019-2877 (Expires Aug 31, 2021) To haul crude oil packing group I
  • TDG #2019-2958 (Expires Aug 31, 2021) To use H2S scrubber boxes on trucks that use sodium hydroxide/ammonia/ or methanol to sweeten


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