Investigations Practice

Encana's Investigations Practice provides an effective, consistent and appropriate procedure by which incidents that potentially violate established company policies or practices or are potential violations under statutes, regulations, rules and policies applicable to the company or the workplace (subsequently referred to as "complaints" or "potential violations") may be properly received, reviewed, investigated, documented and resolved.

Complaints may be handled through the complainant's primary contact at Encana. If there are extenuating circumstances, or it is required by Encana's Investigations Practice, a complainant may invoke the Investigations Practice by reporting the potential violation directly to the Investigations Committee at

Complaints that should be referred to the Investigations Committee rather than the complainant's primary Encana contact include:

  • Potential criminal offences or violations of any statute, regulation, rule or policy that could result in substantial penalties or sanctions against Encana, its contractors, agents, suppliers or employees.
  • Any accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters (including questionable accounting or auditing matters); or
  • Matters which the complainant's primary Encana contact feels should be dealt with by the Investigations Committee.

Potential violations and complaints may include, but are not limited to, matters which the complainant believes or suspects involve:

  • Fraudulent activities or theft
  • Breaches of Encana's Business Code of Conduct
  • Harassment or other inappropriate workplace conduct
  • Breaches of Encana's Policy on Disclosure, Confidentiality and Employee Trading
  • Coercion of Encana's external or internal auditors or any other attempt to improperly affect Encana's financial statements or financial reporting processes
  • Breaches of occupational health and safety legislation
  • Violations of Encana's complainant protection practice

All complaints brought to the attention of the Investigations Committee will be reviewed, and if appropriate, investigated in a discreet, confidential, professional, unbiased and timely fashion in accordance with Encana's Investigations Practice.

Encana is a member of the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association.

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