Policies and practices

We have an established set of business standards that clearly demonstrates the expectations we have of our employees, contractors and directors. Policies ensure a common understanding among our workforce of the business, legal and regulatory steps we follow. Practices outline how we undertake tasks and procedures.

Our policies and practices support our corporate responsibility philosophy and Our Company Values. We are pleased to make many of Encana's principal policies and practices available on this site. As a result, stakeholders always know what they can expect from us.

Please contact us via the Integrity Hotline if you have any concerns about our conduct.

Encana's Business Code of Conduct and related policies and practices

The Business Code of Conduct* applies to all employees, contractors and directors of Encana and its subsidiaries and establishes Encana's commitment to conduct its business in an ethical and legal manner.

Related policies

Related practices

Corporate Responsibility, Environment, Health, Safety and Security

Information management and protection


* The Business Code of Conduct replaces Encana's former Business Conduct & Ethics Practice and has been expanded to include the areas of competition and antitrust, privacy and prevention of corruption.

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