Fact Sheets and Videos

The fact and information sheets on this page provide background information on Encana's approach to operations in the DJ Basin, and the impacts of our activities.


Fact and information sheets

  • Colorado tax facts
    How do we contribute to the economy? In 2013 alone Encana contributed more than $166 million (USD) in taxes in Colorado at the county, state and federal level? Learn how that breaks down in this one page fact sheet.
  • DJ Basin completed well pads and equipment fact sheet
    Discover the five types of equipment that remain in place after a well is completed and how Encana addresses landowner concerns around them.
  • DJ Basin surface-use agreement fact sheet
    See how Encana and landowners work together to develop Colorado’s resources while following the regulations of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.
  • Drilling and completions fact sheet
    What are the benefits of horizontal drilling? Why is hydraulic fracturing necessary? These questions and more are answered here. Also see how groundwater is protected during drilling.
  • Encana hydraulic fracturing fact sheet
    This overview of hydraulic fracturing also looks at three common myths about it.
  • Horizontal drilling fact sheet
    This one-page diagram examines the depths required to reach oil and gas deposits, the distance of those deposits from the aquifer and four levels of casing used to protect it.
  • The Hub
    Did you know that Encana’s use of a Central Gathering Facility can reduce the well pad size by up to seventy percent?
  • Truck traffic fact sheet
    Want to know more about truck traffic during our operations in your area? See the average amount of traffic that is generated during each stage of a well.
  • Water: Using Resources Responsibly
    Water is a critical resource and Encana takes responsibility for the water we use seriously. Water safety and conservation are priorities during our operations – from drilling a new well, to producing natural gas or oil, to the treatment and disposal of water.
  • What's in fracturing fluid?
    Hydraulic fracturing fluid is composed of 99% water. What makes up the other 1 percent? See in this diagram.
  • Life of the well
    Did you know that an oil and gas well goes through seven stages from geological surveys to land reclamation?

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