Kaybob Road, Alberta

This page contains information on the status and conditions of roads owned and operated by Encana in northwestern Alberta.

Please contact Road & Lease Construction, Northern Operations at 780.513.4960 to notify of any large moves, or to inquire about road closures, conditions, etc.

Follow the Kaybob Roads Twitter account for updates, photos and other information on road condition in the Kaybob area outside of Fox Creek, Alberta.

2016 Road Ban Notice on all roads in the Fox Creek Area: Road User Fee Implementation

Encana asks that all road users restrict traffic on their Fox Creek Area roads to essential loads only. Authorized Road Use Agreement holders will be advised of restricted axle weights and operations period in advance and will be charged a USER FEE of $300 FEE PER LOAD for all loads over 1 ton excluding essential loads (production fluid and camp essentials). This fee will be used to prevent and to repair damage on roads caused by heavy traffic during the road ban period, and is above and beyond all other road use fees. Use of the road during spring break-up will deem agreement to pay the additional USER FEE of $300 PER LOAD. Payment for the fee(s) must be received within thirty (30) days of invoicing for continued use of the road during break-up conditions.

Road ban periods are expected to come into effect during the first two weeks of March. Road users are expected to complete a Road Usage Form by 7pm the day before and submit to Encana at kaybob.roads@encana.com.

Full details can be found in the following document 2016 Road Ban Letter

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